Page Bumper & Shuttle Check Strap

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Our company manufactures an assortment of page bumper are used in textile mills for picnol looms. Thirty years back we have developed indigenously as import substitute and supplying in India and also exporting. We manufacture and supply page bumper in these sizes:

  • 41869: 2.1/2” x 360mm x 10mm (Small).
  • 41870: 2.1/2” x 385mm x 10mm (Big).
  • 25687: 2.1/2” x 13.3/4” x 10mm (Small).
  • 25688: 2.1/2” x 14.1/2” x 10mm (Big).

Shuttle Check Strap Our company manufactures an assortment of shuttle check strap made from the best materials. Each piece of our our finished products is thoroughly tested for durability and reliability for sending out to the customers. These shuttle check strap are available with the following features:

  • 28730: 42mm x 26.3/4” x 4 mm.