Paper Sheet Cutter Belts

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We are a renowned manufacturer of paper sheet cutter belts that are popularly applicable in the paper industry for primary and secondary cutters. The joining of these belts comes in the weaving itself. It does not loosen like other jointed belts. The range of our paper sheet cutter belts is manufactured and available in the following two types:

  • Special Egyptian cotton sheet cutter belts. This range is made from imported cotton and its elongation percentage is low. These belts are supplied in matched sets. We have been supplying our belts to numerous paper mills for the last 40 years.
  • Indian cotton sheet cutter belts: We started production of these cotton belts five years ago keeping the cost factor in mind. This range is also supplied in matched sets.

The range of our paper sheet cutter belts is available in the following specifications:

  • Width: 1” to 15”
  • Length: 30” to 300” in endless and 50 mtrs rolls.
  • Thickness: 2 mm to 6 mm.